Don’t Wait, Do It Now

An email with the subject line, “Thank You!” stood out in my inbox.  It was from Christina who I have mentored and coached over the years.

It took me back several years to when Christina was in a job she didn’t like.  

Unsure of what to do, Christina reached out for advice.  We brainstormed solutions, and she came up with a plan.  Without pause she started working on it that day. 

Within a few months Christina landed her dream job. The new role re-energized her, provided career growth, and soon after she was promoted.

We all have moments of inspiration and insight, but inspiration is nothing without action.  Christina didn’t wait, she acted right away.

But that’s not the norm.  Many times we experience an epiphany, savoy it for a minute and let the idea fade away.

Inspiration is fleeting unless we water it and keep it alive with action.

Research has found that the average person can only remember three to four things at a time.  As quickly as we get inspired we get a text, an email, a notification on our phone, or someone interrupting our thoughts. Before we know it, four new things are top of mind and that insight we had is long gone.

If you look at a time when you experienced a flash of insight and successfully achieved it, you most likely did something about it immediately. You wrote the idea down, you carved out time on your calendar, or you took action to keep the idea alive and moving forward.

Christina used our conversation as a springboard into action to take her career to the next level. 

The next time you have a moment of inspiration will you act on it, or will you let life distract you?

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